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The Commuter | Georges Boré

"Since I moved back to France a couple of years ago, I have been riding my Brommie through Paris every day. It’s such a pleasure to start and finish my working day with the good sensations of pedalling instead of having to experience the stress of public transport (when it’s not on strike!).

On my bike I am my own City Tour operator, free to choose my riding routes such as on the banks of the Seine, wide avenues like the Champs Elysées and its mad traffic around the Arc de Triomphe, the picturesque “ Street of the Fishing Cat” which is the narrowest street in Paris (less than 6 feet wide) or the vibrant square of the Contrescarpe where students from Sorbonne meet at the café terraces to enjoy the twilight and “re-make” the world.

Sitting there at a café terrace with my friend Rob, a film director, we decided to capture some of these urban rides in a video. We got really excited about it however we wanted to add something special, something unusual to do with a Brompton, something challenging and a bit crazy at the same time. After a couple of drinks, an idea popped up: riding to the top of Mont Ventoux in the French Alps wearing my business suit. We shot the Paris scenes in August and the next day we took the fast train to Avignon. From there we drove to Bédoin, a typical Provence village located at the base of the Mont Ventoux, the “Giant of Provence”. This route to the summit is the same taken by the Tour de France. As you will see in this video, I really had to fight to make it to the top!" - Georges Boré